Becoming a Content Writer

Freelance writing is a great opportunity to earn a decent amount of money for those who have the right skills and talent to do it. As a content writer, one could really enhance one’s earning potential. And it’s not only about getting money for writing like in the case of any other job, but it is also about to be passionate about writing and to put oneself out there for everybody to see, read and know it.

Now, discussing the issue from the point of view of the available time one could spend on online freelance writing, who is in the best position to become a content writer? There are a few categories of people who are definitely in a great advantage from this point of view, as they have more time on their hands, which they could use to become content writers.


Andrew is a freshman student. He dreams of becoming a history professor. Once he graduates, he hopes his dream will come true. But till then, he needs to complete his education. Unlike some of his luckier colleagues, his background is not from a rich family, so he has to support himself and pay the tuition school all by himself. So he decided to earn money by becoming a content writer and applying for freelance writing jobs. He loves history, so the content he writes is focused entirely on history. One day, when he is a successful history professor, he also dreams to start publishing books on history.

Stay at home moms

Mary is a mother of two small children. She used to have a full-time job, but she found it quite difficult to maintain a 40-hour per week job and to take care of two toddlers in the same time. So, after a careful consideration, she decided to quit her job and stay at home and dedicate herself to her family. But now, as a stay-at-home mom, she has a manageable quantity of spare time. She took it as an opportunity to start fresh, and she decided that she would like to do a home based job – freelance writing.


Mark has been recently laid off from his job due to economical recession. He hopes to find a new job, because he has to be able to support his family. But meanwhile, even though he is looking for a job, he thinks of using this time in between jobs to do something constructive. He analyzed his native UK writers options – what could he do? The conclusion he came to was that he should definitely work as a content writer. When he was younger, he once had a summer job at a newspaper, and he has flare for writing. So he doesn’t delay any longer and starts applying for freelance writing opportunities.


Barbara is a recent retiree. For the last 40 years, she has worked as a staff content writer for a home and garden magazine. Now she is retired, and suddenly with a lot of spare time on her hands. Just because she retired from her job, it doesn’t mean she doesn’t love it anymore. Writing has been her biggest passion of a lifetime, and she couldn’t possibly imagine herself without writing. So she decided to continue it, for as long as she is able to. Now she is a contributor for the same magazine, on a freelance basis, but also she pursues other freelance writing opportunities.

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